Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Some Personal Reflections...

The past nine days of my life (or something like that) have been some of the most special I have ever experienced. It will take me a while to process all that my family and I have experienced and there are many highlights I will blog about, but here are two that are just burning to be written about.

First, I cannot brag enough about the team Grace Church sent over on this missions trip. They are a group of people that I knew and even served with before this trip, but my love and respect for each of them has grown in ways I never expected. I know that all of us have been borderline sleep deprived and fighting some sort of sickness at some point and yet everyone has served and given of themselves for their teammates in a wonderful fashion. I have been around the block enough to know that sometimes short term mission trip teams can have relational struggles, but I can honestly say that this team has enjoyed being and serving together immensely. We have worked hard, laughed hard, prayed hard and served hard to accomplish what God set forth for us to do. More on the team in another blog...

I can also say that I am so impressed with the quality of programming, care and love they provided to those kids. I am amazed at what we were able to pull off out of five suitcases that made the trip over. Our goal was to bring five full suitcases over and return with five empty suitcases. We wanted to make sure we blessed the churches over here with supplies and other items that are so precious to them. To see that heart attitude within the team members from Grace Church just blesses me incredibly. It has been an absolute privilege to serve alongside each and every one of them.

Secondly, I had the privilege on our last night of the conference to spend a little over and hour with the Beckers (Missionary family in Ireland that Grace Church supports). In that short timeframe, this couple absolutely blew me away. To hear them speak of their passion and love for the people of Ireland moved me incredibly. To hear the stories of what it is they are dealing with in that secular setting put our petty issues in the American church to shame. Let me just say this... That is one couple that is well worth Grace Church pouring into. They are a couple of excellence serving God with excellence. They are truly an extension of the Grace Church ministry as they Meet and Move in Ireland to the glory of God. God is doing something incredible in and through them and my love and respect for them went through the roof in just that short hour. They are truly called to be shepherds for Jesus amongst a people who are so lost. Please keep the Becker family in your prayers.

Well it is late and I'm sure that my above ramblings don't communciate all that I am feeling right now, but it is a start as I continue to digest what God has impressed upon my heart these past number of days... What day is it anyhow??? Good night to all and to all a good night.

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Craig Peters said...

We now begin praying for traveling mercies for the Grace Team in coming back home to the states. For recovery from whatever's been ailing you'all, good health to be granted, some opportunities for rest and that all will be smooth for an uneventful trip back to Lititz.
We've missed you and pray each of you will be blessed in special ways for all you have accomplished. Good job!