Monday, December 21, 2009

France/Spain Mission Trip Update (#3)


It is Monday morning and the time of departure for our trip is quickly approaching. There is still plenty to do before we head out, but things will get done. The one thing I would ask for is continued prayer for our team throughout the trip. One of the ways I would encourage you to pray for us is by praying through our itinerary listed below in order to keep us before our faithful God.

December 22 - Travel Day (Depart Philadelphia at around 7:00 PM)

December 23 - Arrival in London/Paris; Tour Paris; Travel to the Chateau

December 24 - Shopping/Preparations for Christmas day at the Chateau with Jay & Debbie Hocking (Missionaries Supported by Grace Church)

December 25 - Christmas Day celebrated with European Missionaries; Preparations for Conference in Spain

December 26 - Travel Day (10 Hour Bus Trip to Spain); Conference Begins that evening at Hotel Costa Brava

December 27-29 - Vacation Bible School for approximately 30 missionary children

December 30 - Travel Day (10 Hour Bus Trip back to the Chateau in France)

December 31 - New Years Eve spent with the Macon Grace Brethren Church

January 1 - New Years Day spent with Missionary Families; Preparations made for trip home

January 2 - Travel Day (Travel back to Paris, to London, to Baltimore)

January 3 - Sleep!!!

As the trip unfolds, I will look to update in greater detail the many experiences we are having and introduce you to the many wonderful people God will give us the opportunity to interact with.

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