Monday, December 28, 2009

VBS Continues in Spain

It is Tuesday afternoon here in Spain and our adventures continue. We continue to draw closer to the kids we are ministering to and are having a great time with them. They are very excited to be here and are full of energy. We are all feeling a little tired, but feel like we are pretty much over our jet lag.

Here are some of the highlights from the past 18 hours here in Spain...
  • The team continues to gel well and are having a wonderful time together.
  • The kids are just soooo excited about all that is happening within VBS. From the visits from Gideon and Queen Esther, to games, to hanging out with our kids the fun never seems to stop.
  • The kids are singing out at the top of their lungs already to the songs and doing the actions. We are in the talent show together on the final night of the conference. Not sure how that happened???
  • We loved watching the kids dig into the Amercian snacks we brought over with us. The Cheetos are the hit of the week thus far. Combos bombed.
  • The guys taught some of the European kids how to play American football this morning on the beach. It had to be tackle of course and let me just say that some of them had no problem hitting us older guys.
  • We have enjoyed a few brief moments with the Becker family (Grace Church supports them) and are looking forward to some longer conversations over the next day and a half. They are serving Jesus well in Ireland.
  • A few of us had the privilege of having dinner with Jay and Debbie Hocking (Grace Church supports them) and just love their servants heart.
I'll look to post some more pics of our time here over the next few posts.

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