Monday, April 13, 2009

$1000 per minute and a hope for something better!!!

A little over two weeks ago, our home (like many others) was damaged in a terrible storm. I knew the damage was significant, but I never knew just how expensive a 10 minute storm could be.

That's right, in just 10 minutes the entire front of our home was ruined on many different levels. After a recent visit from our insurance company we got an estimate on the replacement cost of the damage done. After doing the math, I came to the conclusion that the 10 minute storm caused over $1000 of damage per minute ($16.6 per second). Now that's a pricey storm!

I'm yet again reminded of just how quick life can change. Praise God that He never changes and remains the constant in my life no matter how strong the winds blow or how much the damage costs per minute. I needed that reminder today as quotes came in for repairs and I spent 3 hours dismantling my son's mangled b-ball hoop and building his new one. Sure my back is sore and I shed some blood, but I have my health, family and of course a LIVING HOPE in my RISEN SAVIOR! I'm looking forward to the day Jesus returns to take me home where I will never face another storm (of any kind) nor will I have to build another thing with more pieces than should be legally allowed! Praise God for the truth of Easter! He is Risen!!!

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