Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Golf Vacation - Post One

I began my golf adventure yesterday as my buddy picked me up around noon and we drove to Williamsburg, VA. The drive down was somewhat adventurous as my new GPS took us through downtown DC in order to avoid traffic on I-95. Still not sure if it was good or not??? It did get very interesting as we drove from the Richmond area into Williamsburg through a horrible storm with severe tornado warnings. I honestly spent time wondering if God would allow me to go through two tornado's in one month... Thankfully the answer was no.

Today I golfed at The Golf Club at Brickshire amongst very wet conditions because of the rain yesterday. It was terribly muddy on some holes and the sand traps were flooded. But the greens were in great shape and we pretty much had the course to ourselves. I did play the hardest hole of my life when we came around a corner and faced a 218 yard par 3 that was uphill and surrounded by sand traps. It was also a course where they warned us that we needed to go two club lengths higher on all par 3's which means my friend and I both pulled out our drivers. I double bogeyed!!!

I then spent my afternoon in Norfolk, VA where my buddy and I took a boat tour of the Naval Yard. I must confess it was very cool and I enjoyed passing by two aircraft carriers (The George HW Bush Carrier is pictured above). They were huge!!! We also went through the naval museum and walked around the USS Wisconsin.

I then finished it off with dinner at a fantastic rib joint with sweet tea and a great phone call home to my family! Having fun but still missing them.


Pastor Scott said...

We toured the Wisconsin when we were in VA Beach over spring break. That was fabulous. Glad you are having a relaxing time. Hurry and get back so I can relax a bit, would ya? When you are gone I have no one to download all my work to!

Rick Glass said...

Do you know the traps were flooded because you wer in them so much? :-) Sounds like a good time - enjoy your break!!

Pastor Tim said...

Rick: Not in them much today. But there is always tomorrow. I'm sure I'll play in the sand plenty before the week is out!

Scott: Your incentive to hurry back isn't winning me over at the present!