Thursday, April 23, 2009

Golf Vacation - Post Three

Today has involved some interesting moments. Here are a few of them:

My wife just got a texting plan and we've been texting all day and I found out my house was getting new siding today.

I played golf at the StoneHouse Traditions Golf Club today. Truly the hardest back nine I've ever played with narrow fairways and par 3's that forced the golfer to hit over ravines right on to the green or else your ball was lost. I've also never seen so much sand before in my life as well. With all that said... I will not be posting my score from the back nine.

My buddy and I played golf today with Tommy and Dan. I can honestly say that it was the first time either one of us played golf with rednecks. I loved the southern accent, slower pace and dang... these boys were older and a trip. Lot's of laughs with their many short sayings when a poor shot was made. Short sayings that cannot be repeated on a pastor's blog.

I enjoyed dinner at a wonderful Tavern (Polo Club Tavern) as part of our golf package. It was fantastic food and I'm filling up on sweet tea while I can. I also did the obligatory souvenir shopping for the kids and Susan.

As we returned to the hotel we did so to the reality that there was four large charter buses sitting there letting out approximately 200+ 8th grade students. What else can be said... it's going to be a long night and I'm guessing the free continental breakfast may be a little busy in the AM.

Tomorrow... I play one last round and head home after 90 holes of golf and plenty of good eating. But honestly... I can't wait to see my family (even the dog)!!!

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Rick Glass said...

Tim, you blog more now then when your at home! That "free time" must be nice! Sounds like an awesome trip! See you Sunday