Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Golf Vacation - Post Two

The alarm went off at six and I was up and ready to go for another full day of golf. (Funny how you don't mind getting up early when you have something fun waiting for you)

We are at the course Colonial Heritage course by 7:15 AM and were able to hit the driving range and practice green. We were then out and swinging away by 7:50 AM and the course was absolutely beautiful. BUT THIS COURSE WAS TOUGH! There was no room for error on this course with each shot needing almost perfect placement in the fairway and on the green. (Which I don't do very well)

We wrapped up our first round by 11:30 and decided to grab some lunch at the clubhouse where we enjoyed a wonderful Pork BBQ pita sandwich and some awesome potato salad. We loved the course so much that we decided to replay for the afternoon and that's where the adventure began.

The afternoon adventure began as we got behind a foursome of gentlemen who were all well over 70 years of age. They were nice guys that we got chatting with later, but man were they slow. The winds also picked up (about 25 miles per hour gusts) and the sporadic rains came. Even in the rain we had a number of great laughs as we took turns driving away in the cart on each other while the rains and winds blew. We finally called it quits with two holes to go as the heaven's opened up and we decided to head in to the club house. The only problem we faced was a golf cart that had been going all day with the battery quickly dying. So... in the pouring rain we puttered back to the club house with a battery that wasn't giving its all for us. We had some good laughs!

I'm wrapping up the night with a few Advil in my system as it has been a long time since I've used my golf muscles for 36 holes with plenty of swings. I've got a full belly and I'm getting ready to call home and enjoy some time on the phone with my family that I'm really beginning to miss in a big way. Loving my time away, but my friend and I both agreed that next time we'll bring out wives down for them to shop why we golf.


Andy Spade said...

You're killing me! A pastor causing me to experience the sin of envy!!

Pastor Tim said...

Two thoughts:

# 1 See James 1:14...

# 2 We all have our gift to the church and mine is obviously slowly disheartening the elder board through my blog.

Andy Spade said...

Appropriate response - we just read James 1 as a Connect Group this morning. Guilty as charged!

You are obviously experiencing some of the "good and perfect" gifts from v. 15... :)