Thursday, April 16, 2009

Life Lessons in a Rainy Downpour

Spring typically brings the rain! I'm one of those guys who normally loves a good rainy downpour (at least once a week) because I love to see my grass go green in the Spring. But the past few weeks have been different in that my roof is covered with some tarps right now and I don't want any leakage into our home. It's intrigued me how a downpour of rain can go from something good to something bad based upon circumstances.

I'm coming to believe that there are two different types of downpours we experience in life. I would suggest that in and of ourselves we can create a lot of "bad" downpours because of poor choices that can leave us spiritually wet, cold and seemingly alone and separated from God. We've all experienced the misery of a damp and cold spiritual relationship with God because of our sin. If not dealt with quickly, the joy of the Lord soon departs leaving you with nothing but dreary skies and darkness.

But, the Bible talks about another downpour in Hosea 6:1-3. In these verses the prophet calls upon the people of Israel to repent from their sins, turn back to God and find revival. He notes the rains in verse 3 as a visual picture of the life and refreshment found in a God who loves to come into our lives and fill us with the living water of life. It's not a downpour that leaves us damp and cold and in the dark, but rather one that refreshes the soul like a cold pool of water on hot summer's day.

It's true that there will be days with downpours that leave us feeling dreary and wet all over, but I'm learning to daily "Come, let us (me) return to the LORD" and experience the downpour He longs to refresh me with regularly as I walk in Him.

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